Meet Mayte!

Summer on the Hill Class of 2003

High School Attended: The Peddie School

Undergraduate College/University: Temple University with a major in Public Relations

Mayte currently works at eMarketer as the Director of Organizational Development. Her interests include scrapbooking and writing poetry. She is also a Game of Thrones enthusiast.

Read her interview below!

What was your admissions process to Summer on the Hill like?

I'm really not sure I remember. I was 6. Which now is 24 years ago. I do remember having to go to the Horace Mann campus and feeling like I left the Bronx.

Was there a particular teacher or administrator who stands out for you?

Ms. Baez was such a crucial part of my development. She was my teacher before taking on a more administrative role at SOH. She was someone I remember taking the time to learn my gifts and helping me hone them. I remember feeling very seen by her. I even invited her to my high school graduation.

What would your adult self tell your young self about taking a leap of faith with Summer on the Hill?

For me, it was more about taking a leap of faith on myself more so than Summer on the Hill. Here's this amazing program, now how can I take advantage of this opportunity?

What is your favorite memory at Summer on the Hill?

I was going to default to Dorr. Because, well, Dorr. But I will say the summer theater program helped me refine my voice. It's probably the start of my public speaking skills to be honest. And I still know all of the words to Oklahoma!

What advice would you give current Summer on the Hill students?

Social media and technology make it easier to stay in touch. Make sure to cultivate strong relationships with your peers, teachers and administrators. And once you graduate, keep those relationships going. Network and community are so important.

Anything else you would like to tell us?

SOH for me was the first time I saw the importance of access as a key factor to success on such a personal level. Maybe I didn't have the language to describe it as such at 7 but I do now. SOH gave me resources, time and a supportive network. It's a similar framework to what I try to follow now building strong teams. In my job, I focus on the employee experience. Everything from the time a job first opens to an employee's last day. My team has a focus on developing a more inclusive environment and a more representative workforce.