Admissions Process

Current 2nd Grade Students

Public School Site Visits

Application packets for current 2nd grade students are mailed out to all public schools north of 96th street in Manhattan and throughout the Bronx.


Each school may select up to five students to nominate to SOH. Parents must complete the application given to them by the school. Teachers must complete a CRF (Character Reference Form) for each child that has been nominated.

All applications and CRFs are due back from the school by the date given.  Any application received after the deadline will not be considered for admission.  On the application, families choose a date to attend an Admission Review Session. After reviewing the applications, families who do not meet SOH’s socioeconomic criteria are notified.

Admissions Review Sessions are held for 2nd grade applicants.  The sessions are held at the Horace Mann Lower School.  Students who do not attend a session will not be eligible for admission.

The admissions team reviews every application carefully and selects students based on the student’s enthusiasm, participation, performance, and greatest economic need. Applicants are notified if they have been selected to continue to the next step of the admissions process.  Regret letters are sent to the families that have not been selected to continue.

Parent/Child interviews are held so that SOH can meet with each candidate individually.  The interview ensures that the family understands SOH’s mission and is willing to fully commit to the requirements.  We are looking for students who are most compatible with our program.

The families receive final admissions notification.  Enrollment forms are due immediately after receiving an acceptance letter.

New students begin their participation in SOH’s summer program, which is usually held from the last week of June through the first week of August.