Admissions Criteria

SOH seeks students who demonstrate strong academic and social skills and have a desire to participate in an academic community with high expectations. SOH wants to ensure that every participant has the opportunities necessary for continued success in school. Families are asked to honor their commitment to SOH with good attendance, consistent communication, and compliance with policies and protocols.

SOH’s comprehensive admissions process includes many indicators to help us make informed decisions about candidates. We believe that we select the candidates that will be the most successful in our program.

Students must be nominated to SOH by their public schools. Schools may submit a maximum of five applications that meet program eligibility criteria.

The ideal candidate has:

* demonstrated academic excellence in all subject areas
* a strong work ethic
* excellent classroom participation
* the ability to adapt to different environments and collaborate with others
* a supportive family
* a financial need

Unfortunately, parents cannot request applications for admission directly from SOH.

Please visit the Admissions Process page for SOH’s admissions calendar.