The Need for Summer on the Hill

Each year, SOH receives hundreds of applications from families in the Bronx, Washington Heights, and Harlem for 40 openings at the rising 3rd grade level.  Families of nominated students apply to SOH for its stimulating, small, after-school classes, individual guidance, and the steady encouragement of dedicated staff over the program’s ten-year span. There is a great need for a program like Summer on the Hill.

Bright Bronx students have few opportunities to enroll in public school gifted and talented programs. A review of the NYC DOE’s 2011-2012 programs for gifted and talented (G&T) students foundstriking differences in opportunities at the elementary level:

  • The Bronx has 104,625 elementary age students and 6 G&T Programs.
  • Brooklyn has 150,032 elementary students and 38 G&T Programs.
  • Manhattan has 65,310 elementary students and 20 G&T Programs.
  • Queens has 140,023 elementary students and 23 G&T Programs
  • Staten Island has 30,047 elementary students, and has 5 G&T Programs.

At the High School level, SAT prep classes, college counseling, and college visits may be too expensive for SOH’s families. SOH’s High School Program helps students prepare for college admissions exams and offers significant college-readiness activities.